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Could the US conquer China?

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The US military is the best in the world right now without a doubt.

In any single battle the US would probably come out on top. But what about a total invasion of China (assuming no nukes used by either side), do you think the US could conquer China and hold and maintain all of China's mainland?

My take: if the war dragged on, China would come out on top. They have the industrial capacity and manpower to mobilize an army superior to the US assuming a total war.

Take a real world example: the US and Soviet army pre-world war 2 was a laughing stock compared to Nazi Germany, but when both countries entered the war they closed the gap in a matter of years. Even with heavy soviet losses, and this is where China's manpower advantage is key.

Technology wise, German tanks were superior to the Americans, but the Americans could build a lot more of them for a cheaper cost (higher industrial capacity).

the manpower available to China at any given time is five times that of the United States

United States has nearly 14,000 active military aircraft, compared the to under 3,000 in China.

Active tanks: US: 8,800; China: 9,150

armored fighting vehicles: US: 41,000; China: under 5,000

China has a real edge in towed-artillery, with its military machinery featuring roughly 500% more..

Chinas navy has an estimated 200 warships more than the US navy.
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b and pol are in on this already guys, help us get this out as much as possible.
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«27 мaя 2015 гoдa Pacceл yбил oфицepa yкpaинcкoй apмии, кoтopый пoпытaлcя изнacилoвaть Aнacтacию Гaвpилeнкo, и cкpылcя в нaпpaвлeнии фpoнтa», — cooбщил иcтoчник пopтaлa. Пo eгo дaнным, в нacтoящee вpeмя Pacceл cpaжaeтcя нa cтopoнe oпoлчeния.
Кaк гoвopит caм Pacc: «Mнe нe cocтaвилo тpyдa cбeжaть из pacпoлoжeния, нecмoтpя нa тo, чтo co мнoй былa дeвyшкa».
B ceти пoявилocь фoтo, гдe Pacc cфoтoгpaфиpoвaлcя c Hacтeй нa фoнe aмepикaнcкoгo флaгa, чтoбы пoкaзaть, чтo «нa oбoих cтopoнaх ecть нacтoящиe Люди».
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Norinco to reintroduce Type 81 after several years

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So, I was reading the newest issue of AK-47 + Soviet Arms and there was a article on the Type 81.

Norinco is going to reintroduce them on the civilian market at the NR-81S, with three versions: NR-81S, NR-81S1, and NR-81S2

I'm jelly, I would like to have a Type 81, but they're very rare here in the U.S.
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Texas Thread. Post your OC piece.
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Fuckin art school, why are you synonymous with retarded liberals?
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China Threatens US

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I fucked up, I fucked up bad. I accidentally deleted ALL (every last bit) of my homemade weapons folder. Can someone help me out? This is all I got left.
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Has /k/ ever killed anyone? I killed 1 home invader and wounded the other in a home invasion back in 2009 and it still keeps me up at night sometimes. I just figured I'd post it here because others might be interested. I won't share too many location details because there are news stories about this and the last thing I need is to get Dox'd.

> Be me summer of 2009
> Live in house in small town about 15k population with GF (In the US)
> Like guns, always have, keep loaded 1911 in my nightstand
> One night, wake up hear shit downstairs
>Assume its dog making stupid fucking noises, but I have to pee anyway so I get up to go to the bathroom
> As I get up I notice my dog in the corner of my room
> Panic.jpg
> Grab 1911
> Head downstairs quietly
> as I get down the stair case I turn right, into living room where I see a guy standing there he's looking at me, he has something in his hand but I couldn't tell what it was
> Fired 2 rounds into his chest and he goes down
> his friend comes around the corner, see's me, I fire off 3 shots, 2 missed, one winged him in the shoulder as he's turning to run
> He hauls ass into the dark night
> look back at guy I shot
>Dog barking a fucking storm, GF comes downstairs with a Glock
> Tell her to call police
> Eventually the kid who got away went to hospital for treatment and got arrested

It was really surreal. It happened so fast and I don't even really remember hearing the gun go off, or even thinking about any of it. After I saw the first guy I was so scared, and it didn't even really sink in till the police got there. It turns out they were some fucking local junkie fucks who were just trying to steal some shit to support their heroin habit, so I don't really feel bad about it. It's just weird as fuck thinking that he had lived his own life for 22 years, with all his own experiences and shit, only to have it ended by some tiny pieces of metal in a matter of seconds.

So, does /k/ have any stories to share?
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China builds a MLP (Mobile Landing Platform, What else, you faggot?) styled amphibious landing ship.

Surprisingly, this is something the US is still only in the process of building. So, China's not behind at all, especially when seeing their fuck-fast speed of construction of warships. And this one seems to be constructed by civilian standards, which is even faster for China.

China designats this one the H1183 (-class?).

Anyway, China seems to be upgrading their amphibious landing capability with these MLPs, the continued construction of the 071 LDP and their Zubr Hovercrafts.
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