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Valkyrie Crusade

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>Mokou is now crawling in my skin tier

thanks zun
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Everyone here knows Japanese, right? Just making sure
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Protoman vs God
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Umineko Doujinshi

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Why do all the Umineko doujinshi suck so baldy? Are there even any good ones? Have those not been scanned or something? I need answers! Also recommendations, please.
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I hope you have a nice day today
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Reitaisai 12 thread

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Thread 2.
Since the previous one was slow, I assume this will be the last one.
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Does anyone else have trouble committing to a waifu?
I really like Maria Renard. She's cute. She brightens up my day.
But I'm not sure that I can commit to her. I feel like I might find someone better. And then me and her would both be trapped in an unloving relationship.
At what point did you guys realise your waifu was the one?
This isn't a joke by the way.
Fuck ironic waifuing.
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Let's talk about Reimu!

Not *that* Reimu, this Reimu!
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