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Hey jpy what is the most otako culture OS
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How does /jp/ feel about figures?
I never really consider buying figures until recently, I heard from a lot of people its just a waste of money and the novelty of the product out weighs the pros. Should I spend the last 300 dollars in my bank and spend it on figures? Currently, I really don't have any hobbies to dedicate my money too other then my living expenses.
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A human like you has a lot of nerve trying to flirt with someone as important as Yukari... You better mean what you said too.
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/jp/ , Chen has been troubled and she is feeling weird, what could cause this problem?
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Eternal Onahole Thread

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Previous Thread:

Please warmly discuss onaholes and related materials.
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Good Visual Novels?

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I want to expand my library of those
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Watch out anon! You're going to get Okuu'd.
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Japanese Music Thread

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These threads are generally good, let's start another

Post stuff you've been listening to, recent favourites, share/request stuff

Here's a folder full of nihon shoegaze to start:!VIdDlLgT!nAN7jv0xEO67dow2-cB03A
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Until now Satori always got by on her own

She never really cared until she met you
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