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>Reading a book in library
>Friend and acquaintance there, they call me to their table
>''Hey anon, acquaintance just won a scholarship to go to study in Japan, isn't that cool?''
>''What? how?''
>''Look, there's this website with all the rules and info''
>Read it very carefully
>There's a test that all people who want to go study in japan must do in a future date
>That means he hasn't won shit

Why are all my weeafriends so retarded, /jp/? It doesn't help the fact that he is fat and thinks that japan is exclusively anime and naruto
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Can you guys help me with translating? Im still in really early stages of learning japanese and thought about downloading some free games to translate and figure out on my own to further my understanding of hiragana and katakana sentences.

I cant figure out what some of this stuff means so please help me!

I circled the part that I need help with. I can figure out the missions so far, but got stuck on this one. I don't know what it requires me to do.
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holy shit /jp/ "b who i want 2 b" from 安室奈美恵 new album _genic just leaked

what da fuck i was not prepared, how big is this track gonna be
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The most exciting time of the week has finally come
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Did you think it was over?
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psst...hey! /jp/! i have something to show you!
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I'm planning to buy a t-shirt with this on it, but I don't know what the text says
Anyone mind translating it for me?
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Respect the F91.
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Inchling thread! Everyone is invited

Except amanojaku scum!
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Look at this smiling cute.

Look at it.
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