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Last Remote

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>This is the extra stage theme.

>It feels like it's rushing you along for some reason, but there's no real reason to hurry, and everyone's acting carefree.
>Even Reimu can't compete with the Moriya Shrine crowd in terms of not having a care in the world. The song title has no relation to a certain shooting game.

Which game is he talking about? And what does the title Last Remote mean anyway?
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Lunchtime with Sachiko!
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Ever notice that otaku culture as a whole is gradually appealing less and less to its intended local demographic? Like, the Japanese otaku is more enamored now with Western pop nerd culture more than ever before.
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How would you fix this /jp/?
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DMM General

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Previous Thread >>13519485

- Osawari (R-18)
Game Link:
English FAQ:

- Kanpani Girls
Game Link:

- Aegis "Aigis"
Game Link:
Wiki #1:
Wiki #2:

- Flower Knight Girls
Game Link:
Wiki: http://フラワーナイトガール.攻略

- 99hime
Game Link:

- Hitsuji Chronicle
Game Link:

- (upcoming) Idol Wars Z
Game Link:

- Shinken (Sword Girls)
Game Link:

-(New) Chouginga Kantai (Mages.) (Requires Nijiyome account) (No IP Block)
Game Link:
Wiki 1:
Wiki 2:
Both wikis heavily under construction.
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ZUN has some made some tracks that are (subjectively) superior to the original songs they are based on.

Sakura sakura, japanize dream:
Cinderella cage:
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Post any Japanese related media especially Nico Nama Entertainment videos and live broadcasts
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What's the best thing about 2hu feet?
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Anybody feel like they should quit porn for their waifu?
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