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Princess Kako can get it

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what i would give to make her feel the pleasure of being cummed inside..
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Arcana Heart Series

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hey /jp/, what do you think about Arcana Heart? Have you ever play it?
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Cutest Japanese girls?

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Why is Princess Kako so beautiful?
I think it's the eyebrows.
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I want to sample Eau de Hibiki, the new aphrodisiac-perfume by Shijou Takane!
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Would you look?
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Is Nep Nep /jp/ related?
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/jp/ 2hu Fan Games

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This thread is for games related to Touhou developed on /jp/ only.

Sprites and Images:
>RPGMaker faces :
>Some sprites (some of them may need edits to be used elsewhere) :
>Different sprites and faces :
>And Kaoru's website (VN sprites) :

Sprites for almost every Touhou up to UFO:

Where the Touhou Crossing sprites come from :

More sprites at :

Remember that you need to divide your project to not be overwhelmed by the work. Easier said than done, through. Having people to work with you helps an awful lot and helps you stay motivated, so think about it.
/d/ and /tg/ confirmed for being better at making game than us.

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Nukige Thread

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What are you playing? What are you looking forward to? What have you finished? You know the drill.
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