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Who /mischief/ here?

I favor the public bathroom variety

>piss on the floor
>piss on the toilet paper
>shit on the floor
>shit into toilet paper and fling it at the walls and ceiling
>stuff entire tp rolls into toilets and shit on top of them
>flush m-80s down toilets

Show me what youve got
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>pic related happens
To what degree is Europe improved?
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And I know TPB is not an american tv show but their behaviour is pretty american to me.
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Do you love Japan?
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Canada USA Mexico
Central Americans not welcome edition
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>tfw no Weimar Republic
Why did they have to burn it all to the ground, /int/?
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Colonial empires

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If your country didn't have a colonial empire, then it's pretty much a non-country.
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best of /int/ thread
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