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How would Americans react to this?
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Ny tråd favä
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>North Korean leader Kim Jong-un in unusually frank remarks last week said North Koreans "never enjoyed an abundant life" and added he "cannot sleep" when he thinks about their suffering.

>The [North] Korean Central News Agency on Friday said Kim made the remarks as he revealed a paper he wrote on promoting North Korea's livestock industry.

>Kim said the "most important task is to boost the living standards of North Koreans quickly," and developing the livestock and fisheries industries could go a long way to solving the North's chronic food shortages.

>It is practically unheard-of for a North Korean leader to admit the hardships people suffer in the allegedly self-sufficient socialist paradise.

Our dear Marshall Kim Jong Un truly is the greatest. :)
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Okay, listen here m8s.
Sushi is a food for gays and fags, and girls.
The only excuse to eat sushi if you are pizdoglaziy or you are eating them with a girl who you want to fuck, bitches love sushi.
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I den här tråden så diskuterar vi vikingar, nordmän och allt som berör fornnordisk historia.
Dela gärna med er av fornnordisk litteratur, musik och konst (dylikt som är modernt men inspirerat av den fornnordiska världen går också bra) från era länder.

Inbjudna: Islänningar, färingar, norrbaggar, svenskar och danskar.
Not invited: Everybody else.
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Poland gained on Ukrainian war like no other country.

>We were about to reduce miliary budget - Ukrainian crisis - 2% this year
>We needed low wage employees because our left to UK - Ukrainian crisis - +400k Ukrainians this year
>We didnt want to be NATO buffer zone - Ukrainian crisis - they are about to be one
>We wanted some sort of our infuence zone - Ukrainian crisis - they want it too
>We were igored by nato - Ukrainian crisis - we have first NATO soliders here
>We were some shitty post commie country in minds of EU - Ukrainian crisis - we are a country hat stabilises situaion in a region (of course under German rule) but we are seen - +30% tourism this year
>In poll in US "would you save poland in case of Russian invasion" 20% said yes - Ukrainian crisis - 43% are for it. (UK got only 56%)
>Russian economy is in the shitter

Thanks Putin, our greatest ally
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What the hell is this? I know this seems like some /tv/ or /pol/ shit at first but I got a honest question:

Is the term "colo(u)red" really seen as racist in America? Is it because the term includes Asians as well and Afro-Americucks hate when it's not always them who get to bitch? Why do black have absolutely no problem calling an African black or brown, but coloured is somehow a problem? Over here, while we do say "schwarze", the term "farbig" is seen as more politcal correct and it seems like Britbongs agree on that.

Explain yourself, Americans.
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canada, australia and russia are full guys
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/gg/ aka general general

post generals
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