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What do other nations think of Americans?

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/fr/, le fil de la France

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Edition insomnie
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Edycja okrutnej rzeczywistości.

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>Go to Indian restaurant
>The waiters are all actually Pakistani
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Let's have a comfy duolingo thread.

What are you learning? What do you want to learn?
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>Hear /int/ complain about gypsies
>Figure it's just being racist as normal
>Know a dude who owns an apartment building
>He refurbishes a unit and rents it to a family of three gypsies
>They pay one month's rent and never again
>They clearly move in more than three people
>Takes eight months to get a court order to make them go
>Day before the sheriff is called in, they disappear
>Unit is destroyed; someone punched holes on all the walls and ceiling, ripped out carpet and pipes, and destroyed the cabinet doors
Damn you /int/, I thought you always lied.
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Flag Holding Guy Thread

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Flag Holding Guy Thread
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Anti-Germany thread

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Tell me why you hate this boring country.
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ITT: silly sentences in your language

>The passing passerby passed the pass and in passing made a passing pass at some passengers who gave him a pass with a passing resemblance to a pass he had made that had long since passed.
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