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Did Southern gentlemen of the fedora-tipping kind?

Are there people today who try to imitate that KFC swag, and is it considered cringy?
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Ok, you won, lads. I realised, that russian girls are the best looking in the world per capita.

Who can beat as in qt women? TELL ME
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çan sıçanı edişın.

tirad müziği
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Why is Russia such a tolerant place?
>Would you take a Mexibro Russianbros?
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Apparently, we are gonna have the biggest mosque in Europe(apart from Istanbul, obviously) soon.
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A typical Asian male/white female couple at the beach

More white women are finding East Asian mates everyday.
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Why do you love the bahamas?
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!DM.FRANCEs (190 replies)

/risk/ - EU4 Colonial

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To get in, state:
>Country name
>Color (do not just say any color will do)

The city you gain upon spawning doesn't count for a bonus.

A few rules:
1. Use a trip or at least a name.
2. Don't metagame
3. Don't reroll or delete rolls. If you fucked up, simply reply to your first roll and explain.
4. Keep track of your own bonuses, and put them in your roll.
5. Alliances and NAPs are just words.
6. Remember that I do it for free :^)
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ITT we make /int/ related memes using emojis and guess them
I'll start with an easy one
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