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>Not a burning shithole
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Whats the minimum wage in your country?

1. It's enough for one (1) person to live with it with out any kind of help?

2.its enough to sustain a family with 2 children if the mother works too?

346 Usa dolars in Guatemala
>1. Yes but kinda hard
>2. You can but you are fucking poor, bad education, health, clothes etc
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1. How are gay people treated in your cunt

2. Do the people in your cunt believe it's a choice?
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>tfw my country went from this:

to this:

in less than a hundred years.
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The Northern Territory is the only reason Norway has a higher HDI than us, fucking abos.
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What would have been of Iran and the maghreb if islamic expansion never happened?
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Spain has now good weather and thousands of foreigners are travelling here on holidays. That means that most of them are planning on getting shitfaced and drink all the cheap alcohol that we offer them. I live close to the sea and I see that most of them are British, Germans and Norwegians. I just don't understand why their only plan to have fun is drinking until they vomit on our beaches and beautiful Mediterranean landscapes. When you come here you make so obvious that you still have saxon, german and viking blood from your ancestors. Even if many people think that your countries are civilized,you come here to show that actually you are still barbarians and you will always be. The situation has not changed much since the Roman Empire.
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We can all agree with this
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