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How do we raise Brazil's intelligence rank?

Southeast Asian immigration?
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ITT: recognisable /int/ posters
>"delet this" Italian
>"anime" Argentinian
>self-hating Canadian paki
>self-hating Finnboo Chilean
>German that hates Anglos
>Palestinian that hates the UK
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>Come to /int
>Enter a random thread
>ctrl + F
>search "Tbh"

>At least 20 tbh in the fucking thread

Is this the new meme of /int?
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Han är fortfarande igång! Hopp in, prenumerera och lär känna vår svenska hjälte!

ryck tv / Forsenlol
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Do you love or hate Finland?
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Guess the country/town.

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>living with your parents as an adult
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hacım deccal bunlar edişın :DD
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