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Tell me about Hungary
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>Italians unironically think people take their country seriously
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>Almost 4 million people live on this tiny ass island
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/carib/ - Drowing your sorrows Edition

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Not invited: Angry people
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okay rooskies, explain the most confusing aspect of your culture to me...

how do some russians seem to be sovok vatniks and orthodox at the same time? the soviets persecuted the orthodox church. marx said religion is the opiate of the masses and is poison

take putin for example. he has been a devout orthodox all his life and never removes the baptismal cross that his mother gave him. but he was also a KGB official and only communist party members can join KGB

explain to me this contradiction
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Why are Germans so weird looking?
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>yuros can only wish they had such a great mayor
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ITT: /int/ faces :3
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