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>The most explicit recorded incidents of public sex involving humans and animals activity are associated with the murderous sadism, torture and rape of the Roman games and circus.[1] Masters reports: "Beasts were specially trained to copulate with women: if the girls or women were unwilling then the animal would attempt rape. A surprising range of creatures was used for such purposes - bulls, giraffes, leopards, cheetahs, wild boar, zebras, stallions, jackasses, huge dogs, apes, etc. The beasts were taught how to copulate with a human being [whether male or female] either via the vagina or via the anus."

>The victims were often virgins and not infrequently young children.[1] One spectacle is said to have included "a hundred tiny blonde girls being raped simultaneously by a horde of baboons."

based romans
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Europoors use a device called a 'kettle' to heat up cold water

What's wrong europoors, can't afford a hot water system for your house?

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the Irish are not any dark, since 64% according to this study have hair colour which is lighter than dark brown and 80% have blue/green eyes. In skin tone, it is the lightest or one of the lightest since 76% have Type I(Pale/milky white skin, which always burns, never tans, lot of freckles) and Type II(white/fair skin, which usually burns but tans slightly). In skin tone they are still lighter than the average. That is the Celtic heritage, countries with a Celtic heritage usually have a much lighter skin tone. The extreme Northwestern Europe has the lightest skin tone.
If we compare Ireland skin tones with some European countries.

Strictly Type I and Type I Only(fairest skin types):

U.K. - 54.6%
France - 37.3%(Bretons have similar "Celtic colouring" and are the lightest in France)
Belgium - 33.9%
Finland- 33%
Germany- 32%
Denmark - 31.5%
Sweden- 28.6%
The Netherlands - 26%
Swiss German-speaking region - 19%
Italy - 10.2%

The IRF4 gene variant also known as "Irish phenotype"(brown hair, blue eyes, freckled skin combination, decreases ability to tan, very sun-sensitive) is definitely not from Southern Europe, but is quite common in Iceland. It's definitely not of Mediterranean inspiration, it's connected directly to the adaptation of Northern Europeans in their environment which was further north, it also linked to the red hair, light eyes, freckles gene variant MC1R.

Cillian Murphy exemplifies it well:

Read more:
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South Yorkshire Edition.
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>3500 niggers saved this Saturday only
>over 40000 this year already
they fucking saved those niggers on the coast of Libya and bring them to Sicily.
interesting fact: out of those 3500 niggers only 300 are women and 145 children

when will it end?
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What can you tell me about Czech people, /int/?
Are they culturally closer to the east or the west?
They're ex-commie slavs but they don't FEEL like it, you know?
Also, how nationalistic are they?
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Europoors of /int/, what can you tell me about the Gypsies? My Spanish friend mention to me about how bad they are, but every article I find online seems to portray them as the victims. Stories, experiences?
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>lolis is allowed in Finland as long as it "doesn't hurt anyone" by law
>lolis is banned in rest of Europe

On who's side are you on? this picture can throw me in prison for child porn alone. yes, a drawn picture is child porn here.
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You have 60 seconds to name a Norwegian who isn't Brevik go!
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Are there people in your country that think USA will attack and take over?
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