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Minimalist/humble battle station thread

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Pic of my setup, only change is I'm using a steel series 6gv2 now instead of that Logitech keyboard.
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>19 year old poor-as-shit
>Be poor-as-fuck student
>Live in shitty slovenia, witch as you can imagine is also poor-as-shit
>One day walking up to the castle(witch is on a small hill, for those of you that havent yet visited this metropolitan country, for shame), when i see a group of elementery students on a trip
>My headphones were broke so i borrowed my friends apple earphones(old ones, not buds)
>walking past elementery schooler's group when this kid a third of my size stops me
>He said hi and asks me what kind of headphones im wearing
>Mfw he actually proceeds to take them from my hand and compare them to his, identical apple headphones
>At this stage it was obvious the little fucker was pretending to show off in front of his friends

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What's the best, lightest flashlight app for Android?

I know there are thousands of options, but most of them sketch me out or at the very least have ads in them. I used to use HD Widgets for this, but had to uninstall it because it was eating my battery all the time.
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Embedded file thread!
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ITT: we talk about how much want systemd in our toast
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You wake up as CEO of RIM, how do you save Blackberry.
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Capsule Something

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Can we talk about this? I am thinking of something like the "capsule hotel" for poor people. well, more capsule less hotel. I acknowledge the Idea itself is pretty disgusting, because any way you look at it, it's undignified.

If I hate the Idea so much, why propose it? It seems pretty obvious that's were we are heading anyway and if there is no other way, I rather do it myself and try to give dignity as much as possible before someone else does it in a jail like manner. People need a roof over their head.

How to make something like that? How to get People interessted? How to not make it a slum, while not policing people? How to share facilities without or as less confilict as possible?
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Is Elementary OS any good

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Speccy - everyone gets rated edition!

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Looked at the catalog didn't see a speccy thread. As the title says, everyone gets rated edition!
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