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Hey /fit/, wanna share how I discovered ultimate protein source - quark.
>started working out few years ago
>being poorfag have hard time affording good quality protein
>jelly skelly 4 life
>be in supermarket one day, not knowing my life is about to change completely
>be browsing dairy products, when suddenly
>quark is dairy product similar to cottage cheese, quite popular in germany and slavonic states, used to eat with pastry, or to bake stuff like cheesecake
>12g protein per 100g quark
>cheap even I can afford it
>progressively start eating more and more quark to the point when I do not eat anything else
>gainz go skyhigh
>eating 10 bowls of quark a day
>only downside is taking shit, cause it's so hard and stinks
>shit gets even worse, get kicked from dormitory cause dormmates complain about the unbearable smell of my shit
>shitting itself is unbelievably painful, but no pain no gain
>soon my anus develops some sort of kevlar coating, I'm invincible
>no more pain due to anal kevlar coating, but smell is still the issue, literally life threating for people other than me
>first parents kick me out of house, then I basically get cast out by the whole society
>do not care, all I care about is moar gainz
>living in the woods now, only make trip to the city to buy more quark
>shitting in the woods causes massive extinction of local flora and fauna
>one stick of my shit can crush diamonds into dust and has more power than wand of the elders
>soon I run out of money, so cant afford more quark
>my mind is set on the only thing - getting quark
>read that quark is made from goat milk
>planning to climb the nearby mountains in search of goats and their milk to get moar QUARK
>mfw ain't no mountain high enough
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Is this obese or just overweight? If I were to start lifting weights, I should avoid working delts right?
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general fat logic thread

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>have obese friend
>friend constantly complains about being fat
>go on walk with friend
>suggest they bring water
>"oh no thanks anon, I don't drink water. I'll bring some diet coke instead"
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What ever happened to the tripfag Trucrypt, the one that wore the black shirt/towel over his head? I remember he never made any progress whatsoever in the time he posted here. It was around 2009-2011. Is he dead?
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>go to the gym with a friend today
>only second week working out, haven't gotten too much gains
>go to the bench press
>friend is benching 250lbs
>I can only do 90lbs
>weight 150lbs
>friend tries to make me bench 215lbs
>yells at me to keep trying
>tell him I can't do it
>"do it, you fucking pussy!"
>everyone is looking at us
>he punches me in the stomach
>"hurry up and do it, bitch!"
>slaps me across the face
>I start crying
>he calls me a faggot
>everyone is staring at me
>get up and leave the gym
>walk home
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Help me /fit/. I want to do my first cycle soon. I know exactly what I need, how much to take, what the sides could be and how to combat them, and pretty much everything else. My only problem is finding a legit source. Where the fuck do you guys get your gear? Don't wanna buy online unless im absolutely sure that the source is legitimate.
Pic very much related.
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Time for deadlifts he says
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Your favourite wrestling body?

Mine is Shawn Michaels (circa 97)
Shawns Physique in the mid/late 90's was very impressive. He has a naturally lean frame and his ample muscle mass really complemented this. Great defined abs and body shape that could make any girl blush. An aspect i loved of his body was the rugged coating of body hair. It really complimented his 'boy coming into manhood' phase. I often find my self watching his old matches just to stare and look at his 'sexy boy' body. Any dance move he performed really showcased his pristine body. A complete joy to watch especially his strip down of entrance attire. Sometimes i replay it numerous times. The reveal of his bare torso never ceases to excite me. Shawn will forever be my 'boy toy'
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so now that you are going to gym and getting /fit/ are you happy?
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girl btw :)
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