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/hm/ are fapping to us again

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I think I know what this place is about and I need help.

Im starting out, a skinny average weight, manboob carrying slob..........
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TFW gyno from puberty..

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Anyone here in the same boat?

Plus has anyone successfully either reduced or gotten rid of said gyno through AI's or SERMS?

My gyno isnt too bad but it is something that I would love to be rid of anyone else feel me?

>tfw cant take shirt off when hot
>tfw waking up to lactating nipps
>tfw the most unaesthetic thing on a male
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Went to the gym today and the weirdest thing happened. This is my first green text ever. I've been lurking here for years.

>doing 5x5 bench press
>guy comes up, can I work in with you?
>sure I'm on my last two sets.
>he asks if I can spot him for his sets
>I wanted to help and I've never been asked before so I said yes
>His first set was a warm up
>I do my penultimate set
>He does 60kg for about 15 reps
>I do my final set
>He does 70kg for 15 reps
>He does 80kg for 10 reps
>He does 90kg for 5 reps
>He does 100kg for 2 reps
>He does 105kg for 1 rep
>In between sets he tells me that he is doing shock sets
>He tells me how I should lift
>He tells me his life story
>This is when it get weird. He tells me his going to work from his 1rm down to 10kg a side, doing 15 sets in total, until he does 15 reps.
>MFW when I'm in awe of this guys autism
>He does 15 sets, gradually decreasing the weight until he can do 15 reps. so 1rep 2reps 3reps 4reps.....and so on.

By the end he must have done 20 sets on chest. He was in good shape but he was so weird, just kept telling me that he used to be skinny and he was tired of it, and that 5x5 was bullshit. He kept reeling off his personal bests and telling me his goals for the future. He asked If I could spot him whilst he did the same for squats and I just straight told him I didn't have the time for his workout and I didn't want to train with him. He then spent the rest of the time walking around asking people and giving out random advice on their form.

Anyone know what the fuck this lad was doing?
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What do you do to keep yourself motivated?

I'm trying to lose weight but I keep eating chocolate and every time I feel like I should kill myself after.
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ITT: Post your race

White master race here.

> if you are a nigger (below white), stay the fuck out and kill yourself
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Infographics & lifting knowledge general

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Discuss pic related, will dumb infographics too
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