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Hey /fit/
I've been bulking for about 3 months now, went from 185 to 195 and now I want to start cutting.
I want to start taking clen to help me cut.

I've got a few sources as to where to get it but I was wondering if the manufacturer actually mattered or would any suffice?

I've got a buddy selling 100 tabs of 20mcg from Sopharma for $50 and he's also got Clenbutaxyl, same thing different name, from Kalpha, at 100 tabs of 40mcg for $40.

>tl;dr does brand name matter or should I just buy whichever is cheapest?
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Hey /fit/
Anyone got an torrent or download to Bony to beastly?
its too expensive to buy and sounds kinda legit
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Attractive girls used to have to fuck to make a buck but now with the invention of webcams they can make 100-400 an hour just by teasing.

>tfw I'm a male so I have to actually work

Women can either marry or be whores, theres no easy way for men. Fuck the matriarchy.
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SOS harcèlement aidée

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voila je vais vous raconter une histoire de fille que je connais qui se fait harcèlement tout les jours et elle se fait insulter et cette fille se mutile car cette personne la harcèlement et je trouve sa honteux et cette fille dit oui a tout ce que les s'autre personne dise car elle l'an na marre et que elle veux juste con lui foute la paix donc voila le num de la personne sur la photo
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no fap

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>try no fap for 1 day
>my body and dick tenses up whenever any at walks by
>felt the urge to rape like never before
>literally ramming my cock out from my jeans when I'm sitting in class and I know no one could notice because holy fucking shot I need to feel some hot pussy around my fat dick
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Busted my lower back deadlifting today
>Never thought it would happen
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hey /fit/, i'm in need of some major help. i work at UPS (we deliver packages) as a package loader in a factory. to spare details, i load packages for 4 1/2 hours into 53 foot (16 meter) trailers. maximum we have to lift solo is 70 lbs (31 kg) and with a team lift is 150 lbs (68 kg) which really isn't a problem. i just need muscle mass so i can load faster.

here's my dilemma: i'm skinny fat. i'm 5'8 135 lbs. most of it is a beer gut cause i'm getting over alcoholism currently, psychologically. i also happen to have fat deposits in my pectorals (tits) that i've had since i was like 15 (i'm 22 and it's been destructive to me).

i'm asking you guys, what can i do to improve my overall physical condition? i've read the guides on here many times and now i'm ready to stick to a workout routine because my job is at risk and i need this. tomorrow, i'm running a mile at the local school's track, followed by 40 standard pushups, 15 diamond pushups (with your hands) and 50 squats (easy, i do them at work).

is there any advice you guys can give me? thanks in advance man
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hungrey skeleton

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>be 6'' 175 lb (emperor-king manlet status) in high school
>athletic as fuk tho, football team + rowing captain (crewfags report in)
>paid close attention to fitness and nutrition during this time
>bulked to 190-200 by fall for football,
>cut to 170-180 for crew in the spring (dem weight adjusted scores nigga)
>developed a pretty shredded physique this way and subsequently laid waste to vast quantities of high school pussy
>all around 10/10 life
>suddenly decide to give it all up for no reason and develop a drug habit
>fall into depression, say fuck college and fuck sports/fitness
>life 2/10 would not live
>few months of this and wind up in rehab
>kick the drug habit, get a job, generally happy with life (5/10 at best tho)
>eventually start working out again, a little bit, but not serious training at all
>year later life still 5/10, havent made any new friends plus tfw no gf
>almost 200 lbs at this point, not paying any attention to what I eat, smoking cigs and weed erry day
>a month ago discover /fit/ after /pol/ went down the shitter (i had already migrated from /b/ a couple years back...a very interesting progression)
>instantly get motivated by the culture here
>start training seriously again
>quit smoking entirely (still smoke weed, but much less)
>monitoring food intake, keep detailed journal of nutrition/gainz
>life already improving, probably a 6/10 right now
>losing weight
>confidence back to high school cool guy levels
>feeling huge and swole af all the time
>promoted at work, can finally grow out beard
>females taking obvious notice
>tfw /fit/ literally saved my life

Gonna make it guys.

General good feels/gunna maek it thread.