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>live with vegan
>throws away all my food with milk, cheese, meat, etc.
>been this way for three weeks
>am turning into a hungry skeleton and feeling weak all the time

help me
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How the fuck do I stay calm when talking to women? I can do it for about one minute max, then the awkward kicks in and my anxiety raises to uncontrollable levels.

Fucking halp
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what does /fit/ think about Frank Yang?
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what are your thoughts on this? could it be legit? all those reviews I googled in other blogs look very similar and suspicious. also too many 'dedicaded' pages like "crazy-mass-reviews". sounds too good to be true imho.

>all the benefits
>no sides

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Anyone try jelqing? If so, tell me about your progress.

I have a degree in biology, and it sounds legit.
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Any late kissless virgin success stories/advice? I'm nearly 23 and have been an anxious fat fuck all my life but after 8 months have nearly lost all the excess weight and gained some confidence, but wondering, being so behind and inexperienced with relationships, what to expect and how my late start will affect them.
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What the fuck is wrong with my proportions
31-21-33 bust-waist-hip, tiny framed hourglass
5 foot 7, 128 lbs.
THUNDERTHIGHS= suddenly hourglass is rendered pear-shaped
What can I possibly do to make myself look more proportional. The obvious answer would be to focus more on upper body, but I also want to do squats, lifts, etc. I'm afraid once I lose the fat on my thighs, they'll be just as big and bulgy only with muscle. Halp
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Can anyone try and help a suicidal bro out.

Long story short, I turned 19 recently. I am severely depressed about my small face and head. I can't explain it, my face looks developed, but it's just small overall. Probably a result of shitty nutrition/lifestyle during puberty.

I'm hoping that working out will just somehow fill out my face/head, possibly by boosting HGH? I'm just so fucking depressed, I just want a bigger jaw, a wider face and just maybe half inch or an inch bigger head circumference.

I started taking a bunch of supplements that help boost HGH. (glutamine, L-Arginine/L-Lysine)

I know many of you are probably laughing reading this but seriously, face/head is not proportional to my body. I am 6'2 for fucks sake. I was a late bloomer if that changes anything.
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Has anyone here bought Stack Guides and could help a bro out by sharing dem .pdf's?
They contain great information but I am too poor to spend $119 at the moment.
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had to stop lifting for awhile because I felt a "tugging" in my dick and taint like I was gonna snap some shit up while squatting randomly one day.

Doc felt my shit up and told me I didn't have a hernia and everything seemed normal. "Just give it a week or two off"...but it seems like in that time it's only gotten worse, possibly from sitting on my ass. He even gave me a week's worth of antibiotics on the chance it was a prostate infection despite my prostate not being swole

so now

>sedentary lifestyle
>had to not lift for a couple weeks
>have been sitting for long periods of time lately
>getting cramps in my taint and dick a lot now

is this normal /fit/?
Does something as simple as sitting for long periods of time fuck up an otherwise 20-something? Why doesn't this happen to WoW/starcraft nerds?

pls halp /fit/
i dont know who i am anymore when i stop lifting. im melting.
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