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the individual Medication generally prescribed is Orlistatorlistat

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Hey /fit/ I have this weird workout problem and was wondering if any of you might know what the deal is.

So whenever I do intense lower ab workouts I start feeling like I'm going to cum. And oddly enough if I keep going at it long enough I do cum. It is one of the weirdest and most annoying things, I can't ever get a good lower ab workout because I start to feel like I'm going to cum so I have to stop. What the fuck is going on? Any ideas? I'm a dude btw.
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do you think it's worth it to roid and get crazy aesthetic? i haven't done roids but i've done some SARMs cycles and DNP (but don't do DNP kids because it damages your nerves even if you don't get any pain in the nerves at first). i look pretty cool with my broad shoulders and grills are mirin as fuck. on my last LGD-4033 + Ostarine cycle half a year ago i looked like a straight sick cunt, maybe even on par with jeff seid. now i'm thinking about running more LGD-4033 + Ostarine and also experimenting with the new ACE-083 myostatin inhibitor. but i'm also thinking "for what purpose". i don't think i really need it and i'm also a bit worried that LGD-4033 will make me "too masculine" and "ugly" (LGD-4033 is very anabolic in the bones including the bones in the face). so is it worth it?
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Super srs question...

>Is natty bodybuilding/lifting really a thing? much as I browse /fit/, most of the goal physiques everyone wants aren't achievable natty. They just aren't. It's gotten to the point these supp companies have pushed their agenda and garbage down everyone else's throats to where people believe


You'll look like Zyzz or Jeff or _(insert next big name here)__. It's not going to happen. There's a rule.


Pick 2. This is not coming from a hater who "durr lifts for 3 years, no results, screams it can't be done natty", this is from someone who's educated themselves on roids and realizes that even those that don't look like the fuck-huge bb'ers, are probably still roiding.

Please educate yourselves on roid usage. In moderation and the right diet, you'll never see a negative side-effect. And it only takes 2 cycles for you to keep 70%< of it.
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thoughts about todays Googles doodle?
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- Proven, effective exercise routines
- Diet
- How to lose weight
- How to gain weight
- Supplements


<img src="//">;

Supplemental reading: Harsh's /fit/ Wiki
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Ok how do I lose 15kg quickly? I feel like a fat piece of sh*t because I gained weight recently thanks to muh depression and I'm 5"4 for 130lbs. I have asthma so working out is difficult but I still want to move my bum.
What do /fit/?

pic related is my body,the angle makes it kinda flattering for once but I usually look fat and large.
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Post or it will happen
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