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>be squatting 240 for reps
>lose balance
>start falling towards the ground
>"oh shit looks like its all over"
>life flashes before my eyes
>safety bars catch weight and i survive

general safety bar appreciation/spooky gym story thread

pic related what my face should look like
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>you need friends to go to parties / clubs / bars to meet girls

So then how do you get girls if you have no friends? I'm finishing uni soon, so at least it looks more normal if I say I have no friends to do stuff with. But I have no girl to say it to...
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Let's rate each others progress.

First pic is 2011, second 2014, yesterday.

Natty 5'6" 163 lbs
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How To Become A Man Of Success 3.0

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What should (sections) should I add on the FAQ? Also I'm thinking of re-naming it fitfaq3.0
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>tfw your roommate freaks out because you bought 5 dozen eggs
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hi /fit/
where do you normally buy your protein and what brand do you buy? im looking for something inexpensive because my wife who is an unsupporive bitch always complains about me spending money on it.

if its online please let me know the site. i hear walmart is a pretty good deal though but idk the truth behind it.

I'm not looking for anything too high quality i just need my grams of protein a day and trying to get a good deal
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hello, /fit/.
four days ago i started taking Solgar VM-75 vitamins, which is supposed to be a daily dose of multivitamins. since i started taking them i have been feeling dizzy and light headed, and even had a monster headache that laster for a whole day and wouldn't go away even after taking painkillers (which usually make the headaches go away).

what i wonder is, is this normal? i tried googling but found no feedback or response i would call legit. have you had similar experiences with multivitamins?

if you are curious to know what's in these pills here is the link, as i admit not being very well educated when it comes to vitamin supplements, etc..
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( Day #7, DNP Diary, 250mg a day )

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( Day #7, DNP Diary, 250mg a day )
- I'm 18 years old, 5'10" tall & 20% body-fat.
- Starting: 84kg | Current: 78kg | Goal: 70kg
- 3rd of January to the 31st.
- 1350-1450 calories per day.

Day #7:

Hey everyone, in my last diary entry I said that I felt like the effects of DNP were dissipating or diminishing but I was completely wrong.

I guess I had a lucky day because last night I slept in an air conditioned room with a fan going & I woke up about 3-4 times covered in sweat & I found it very irritating, I still feel noticeable heat radiating off my body so the DNP is definitely working to the fullest as of today.

I also said in the last thread that I'd be starting a much higher-carb diet but after doing some brief research & speaking with a few people I've decided not to be too serious about macros whilst under DNP as it mostly comes down to calories.

I'm going to keep within my calorie limits, keep my protein, fibre & carbs moderate & fats slightly lower. I really believe macros aren't going to make a huge difference whilst under DNP.

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