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Is he a big guy by /fit/ standards?
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Alright /fit/ I need the help of anyone here with netflix who also knows hip-hop. Odd request I know, but in Episode 12 of House of Cards there is a scene in a titty bar and there is a rap song playing. I am desperately trying to figure out what the name of the song is and Shazam isn't finding it and its not in the credits after the episode. The song starts at 37:00. Obviously, this would be going above the call of duty, but I would totally appreciate it if someone could tell me what the song is or suggest another way of finding beyond Shazam.
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All kinds of natty gainz thread

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are they seriously still natty
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Y'all know about my nigga Bryan Silva, rooooooooooooooooooooooight?

straight KILLIN this fitness game! are u lames ready?????
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Skinnyfat here. Just today I started lifting for what's going to be the third time trying to get fit. Hopefully I can keep going this time because I have literally nothing else going for me in life.

What the fuck do I do? There's so much conflicting advice. Right now, this is my routine:
>Mon, Wed, Fri
1 hour strength training, SS/SL type of stuff
>Tue, Thu
20 min of HIIT cardio and bodyweight exercises
Other than that, I just sit around on here all day. I ride my bike for a bit every couple of days, but that's about it for physical activity.

Have absolutely no idea what to do about the diet. The general consensus seems to be to bulk my out of skinnyfat, but I just have no idea what I can eat to hit 2750 calories. I can't cook, and all I'm used to eating is cereal/processed shit/simple sandwiches. I'm replacing the cereal with oatmeal. Never been a fan of fruits and vegetables, although there's a few that I like, and I guess I could try more. I'm on IF right now to try and get rid of chest and stomach fat.

How much am I fucking up? Is there anything in the routine I should change? What are a lot good foods to be eating that will make the transition from junk to a healthy diet easy? Is bulking even the right way to go?
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Christian Fitness

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>His pain your gain
>Timothy 4:8, “For physical training is of some value, but godliness has value for all things, holding promise for both the present life and the life to come”
>1 Corinthians 6:20, “So glorify God in your body.”
>Finding a good Christian virgin GF, that understands your commitment to your virginity and God.
>Pushing the temptations deep down inside where they will never get out.
>Finding good Christian bro's to lift with who understand these deep dark feelings, and would never act on them.
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Building muscle AND increasing endurance

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/k/ommando here, I've been searching high and low for a workout plan that suits my needs and cant for the life of me find one, I'm trying to build muscle while also increasing endurance.

I need to able to sprint and distance run but I'd also like to gain some strength and look better.

how does one balance building muscle while also increasing running endurance
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high test alpha thread
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Zyzz Unlisted Videos

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I've uploaded on dek094 youtube channel most of them, with their corresponding original links to 7zyzz7 channel on each video description.

I'm aware some of you guys used to be huge fans of zebra. Does any of you have more? Post them!
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DNP Thread General

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How's your cycle going? Or how did it go? What would you advise to first-time users?

Please post pastebin too. I keep forgetting to bookmark that shit.
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