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stronger than hulk

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would it be any fictional character stronger than HULK?

>godtier: IRON HULK... the fucking beast now can FUCKING FLY...
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Do doctors usually cooperate if you want to have your test and thyroid levels checked?
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>Why don't you do us a favor and get your ugly ass mug out of here, anon.
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Feels bad

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kickstarter com/projects/372880834/just-need-some-food-and-ice-cream
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Today I was reading articles about maces and came across an Indian wrestler named Gama Pahelwan, or The Great Gama.

According to Wikipedia:

>"He (The Great Gama) lifted a 1200 kg stone at the age of 22 at Baroda and the stone is kept for display at Baroda Museum in Sayajibaug and it is two-and-a-half feet in height and has text inscribed on it. The text says that the stone was lifted by Gulaam Mohammed on December 23, 1902. Gama was attending a wrestling competition at Baroda, but could not find a match and he lifted the 1200 kg stone up to his chest and carried a little distance."

1200 kg. We're talking more than twice the current deadlift record.
What do you guys say about this?

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You need to post a progress pic from today. No shitty lighting, shirt or retarded poses.

No homo but im calling you out breh
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does defecating count as cardio?
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Why do you lift?

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What got you started?
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