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Guys I run a thinspo blog and "sensual curves" followed me and liked all my personal pics. Fattie forever ? sadface.

pic related. "sensual curves"
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This is why i lift
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>Wake up
>work out
>Post on 4chan for a few hours
>Go to work
>Come home
>Salad, protein shake and a movie
>gf calls
>wants to go out to dance
>don't know how to dance
>embarass myself
>she doesn't seem to mind
>some girls start smiling in my direction
>they never used to do that when I didn't have a gf
>proceed to gf's house
>fuck her
>cum on her belly cause she doesn't let me cum on her face, boobs or vagina

Seriously, being fit is not worth the trouble...
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Success at life 2.0

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Hey /fit/.
So about a week ago I already had a thread where I gave you all some suggestions on how to >we all gonna make it in a psychological and social context.
Last week the main topic was to use the smile as external and internal projector.

This week I want to take your attention towards:


We all have goals, but most of you half assed faggots will have no idea what to answer when asked to specify. "I wanna lose weight." That means jackshit. "I wanna lose 10kg weight." is better, but specifying a BF% would be better.
This helps in various ways.
>1. You are forced to look at the methods to reach that specific goal and can't just fuck around.
>2. You are able to set a realistic deadline.
Most importantly:
>3. Your goal becomes real.

You all probably have heard about shit like "You are already who you want to be. The rest is just adjustment." This is true. This is a psychological "trick" that works. It's the same principle as "Dress for the job you want."

Now I know that this may be difficult for people who are just starting out and have no idea what it would be like once you reached your goal.
You have to learn to visualize. Chances are you were some sad dude who spent more time daydreaming about cool shit than actually doing shit. This comes in handy now. All you have to do is look into a mental mirror instead of glaring outside the fucking bus window.

There are three techniques you can use to perfect this:
>Positive Affirmation
>Lucid Dreaming

I'll explain all of these in more detail in the following post.
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Home gym poverty edition

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>be short on money
>have old steel pipes used in construction
>build combined squat cage/bench press rack
>looks like shit but it could witstand several hundred kgs
>tfw I can now squat barefooted
>now I need a barbell

Should I buy a 150cm or 170cm one?
170 looks really long, but maybe it's more practical for squatting.
I currently have a shitty 130cm barbell that was clearly intended for curling and it's too short to be used for squatting
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>does /fit use soap
>whats a good cheap soap to get for maximum skin gains
> pls be unscented
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My brother has given me his barbell w/ two 25lbs plates.

I can lift it easy enough but I can't afford anything else for quite a while. How do I go about this?

Femanon if that makes any difference.
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Alex Viada

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is this guy legit? 4:15 mile and 7:28 1.5mile in practice, ultra-marathonner as well as triathlete, with 500lb bench and 800lb deadlift/squat?
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LF: Bony to Beastly

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Hey /fit/ ! Does anyone have the "bony to beastly" pdf? I tried looking for it in rs, but to no avail.
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