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Someone convince me to keep deadlifting.

I already snapped my shit twice in the space of 6 weeks

Why should I put my back at risk just for 1 fucking lift?
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Scooby appreciation thread

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What'd he teach you?
>pull up elbow position 2012
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I don't think we've had one of these recently.
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Hello /fit/ I have a friend who all he does is cut (he has been cutting for like 2-3 years now) and he seems to be obssesed over lowering his bf % to see his abs. The thing is though he is a 5'6 Manlet and he weights 120lbs. How do I make him stop cutting? He used to be chubby (160) but he lost most of that within the first months. He is strong but he looks too skinny, I guess I get to thank the hungry skeleton as I please. Also he cuts on like 1200 calorie diets for months. Wat do friends, this surely cant be healthy for him.
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roid thread? roid thread

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couldn't find the old one. let's do it people
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DirtyLaundry is very ill.

He might die very soon.

How excited does this make you feel?
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What is better, high bar or low bar squat?
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>that guy who eats carbs
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new thread
get in there
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Dressing when you are jacked

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Does any of you have any inspiration for dressing when you lift?
Tip one : Don't train legs, you can't wear jeans after
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