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Where do you guys get your DNP? I don't think there's a dealer at my gym. Not that kind of dealer, anyway.
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FPH private subreddit

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So I'm a member of fatpeoplehate and they have a private subreddit for verified users only.

What does /fit/ think of these examples of hard work and discipline?
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How do I become truly strong

Everyone at my gym is deadlifting like 4 plates
I need to get to 6 plates but as a lean guy like boardshorts or candito
What program should I be on if I'm deadlifting 4plate for 5 reps?
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>exercising for weight loss

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No /fit/ humor thread? Let's fix that.

Also, can somebody post those Bill memes that were circulating a while back? The main one was a pic on facebook of a banana removing it's own peel, and a guy commenting "I really, really like this picture", and getting the response "save it! It's all yours!" There were a tonne of them, and my new phone doesn't have them.

Anyway, humor thread, GO!
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This girl who likes me and I were getting it on, but she kissed another guy when drunk and is now texting me apologies and stuff. I still wanna fuck though because im still a virgin. I basically got cucked, what do /fit/?

Also what is your favourite lift
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High protein diet is dangerous in the long term.

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What does /fit/ think of Leo Stronda?
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I have an injury and have taken a week off the gym, I dont feel like I deserve anything good or sweet or anything like that. But I have a 4 dollars mcdonalds card that expires today. I was thinking of getting a milkshake there, apparently it is made of soy instead of milk, idk if that makes it any better. What should I do?
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Anyone else here a memer in real life?
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