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Tinytrip tl;dr
can someone sum up the tinytrip drama for me
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That's it. The Fat People Hate subreddit is kill because the fat fucks on imgur pressured them to get rid of it. Reddit lost it's last edgy subreddit. We are the world's last hope.
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how much will depression impact your gains?
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CBT: Natty edition
ill start
6ft (183cm) - 165lb (75kg)
inb4 ab genetics and chest gap
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Hey /fit/ I have to design a month long workout for an 18 year old male for a school project.The workout must center around how to gain weight. Any ideas would be helpful.
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How come no white girl has ever flirted with me, /pol/?

I'm white, but practically all other races have shown interest in way or another save for white girls

what went wrong?
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Anyone else here plate up and wait for people to leave before "working out," i.e. loud grunting and screaming?

I'll spritz myself with my water bottle to make it look like I lifting like mad before anyone comes back and fake breathe until they leave again so I can continue my "set."

Who else here fakes it at the gym?
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nobody cares about your self esteem problems you skinnyfat DYELs. keep them off of here and go back to your fedora friendly containment zone

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Bench won't improve

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Hey /fit/ my bench press sucks ass.

I'm M/20/145lbs, I've been doing starting strength for about 1 month now and most of lifts are pretty good but my bench is lacking. I can do 5x155 for 1 set but on my second I fail at like 3 reps and then have to lower the weight for my 3rd set. Also my right arm is significantly stronger than my left and pushes the bar a bit off center. I usually warm up with 135 and I can rep that a bunch of times. Obviously I think I should lower the weight, so what do you guys recommend?
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Steroids General

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>mfw gf not home for another 2 hours edition

i am srsly pod racing over here bruhs

this is living
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