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Calling all sparkys!

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SO I need to install something heavier on my back porch to run some power tools and such. There's already one there but its a gay ass GFI outlet at 120 15 amp. and as most know most power tools don't like this... I crawled up into the attic to check the wire, and this shit is so thin and flimsy ain't no fucking way it would pass code now days, the house was built in the late 80s. when SUPER CHEAP AND SUPER QUICK went hand in hand...

Anyways I was planning on to hire an electrician that would work with me, I was gonna buy everything he would need, the plug/outlet/#10 wire, the breaker and run it myself for him, basically all he would have to do was install it and make sure it worked.. my insurance would throw a shit-fit if I just DIY'd it without a license and my house caught fire or some stupid unrelated shit.

So my question is I want a 120 volt, 30 amp outlet. basically I can install it to the existing outlet out back.. but I also want a 220 volt outlet. But I only have 1 outlet outback and all my outside walls are concrete cinderbricks.. Is it even possible using the existing panel to run from the panel [that's in my garage] then run the sets of wires I need to a "concrete wall" I build in my backyard? Basically run the wires underground up into a cinderbrick wall so I could have more then 1 outlet. sure it would look kinda of redneck/trashy but no one looks into my backyard anyway..

OR would it be better to just build a small shed and just have them run a main to it and hook up a box and shit? I mean realistically I figured the before would be cheaper, but I don't really know how much sparkys charge for all this shit. I know its enough money that you'd expect them to suck you off too when their done.