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Mounting on Resilient Channel Wall

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Hey /diy/, average Joe here looking for help with a project. I Googled and checked your sticky, but I'm still not confident I'm not going to break something here.

I'm trying to install a wall-mount for my television in my new room. I searched for studs all over the wall, and was confused when I only found two horizontal beams. On the opposite side of the wall, there's conventional studs right where they should be. After some searching, it would appear I'm on the horizontal side of a resilient channel wall (pic related).

What I'm wondering is if it's safe for me to install this TV wall mount with toggle bolts. I took out a wall socket and the drywall would appear to be 3/4" thick. I've estimated the mount itself to be about 5 lbs, and it extends up to 20" from the wall. The TV weighs about 10 lbs. The mount is intended to be secured to the wall with two large screws.