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Hey folks, saw my mountain bike hanging up on some hooks collecting dust in the basement the other week, I haven't rode it in almost 10+ years and decided to take it for a spin. Well since that I am really back into riding my ole bike. LONG STORY SHORT - I was thinking about turning it into a E-bike. I don't want to ride it 100% strictly electric just basically a little help to get up those hills in my hilly neighborhood. I am a big dude 6ft 2in and 265lbs I am not sure what motor to get or how to install it. from what i have been reading i think a 250watt would be too weak for me but like I said I only want it as a "helper" I don't want a standalone electric bike just a help to get up hills... I see 350watt motors and 500watt motors as well I just don't know what to choose what brand etc I AM VERY limited on money so this project may or may not even happen I would just like a little input on what would be ideal for my situation. I would like to go with a front wheel hub motor since they are cake to install from what I read but again any and all suggestions/comments would be helpful thanks guys in advance!!!