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Strandbeest build, need help.

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Hey everyone, it's my first time on /diy/ for quite a long time, so forgive me if I'm making any mistakes.
Ages ago (a little over a year ago) I wanted to build a walking bike, and with help from you, I was introduced to Theo Jansen's Strandbeest.
I absolutely love the linkages, and though my plans have changed, I have a few questions regarding how they work.
I'm aware of the 11 golden ratios when it comes to proportions, but I'd like to simplify things a little since this is my first build. Will a simpler model work? I don't mind sacrificing a little efficiency as my expertise in this field is limited.
My other question is in regards to the wheels that I've seen at the bottom of some strandbeest legs, do they rotate like a regular wheel or are they there for simple ease of motion?
Thanks in advance, I'll try to provide feedback when I can.
Picture related, sorry for the shitty quality of my paint skills. all x's are equal to each other, all y's are equal to each other, this draft is not of the exact proportions.
TL;DR is explained in the picture.