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Hey guys, what is a good way to make your front door breaching-proof? Against criminals of course.

I know how to protect it against a battering ram many burglers these days use by having a large (expandable) pole of hardend steel that fits between the door and the wall behind it, which protects it against brute force, but how about criminals who would want to use a chainsaw to enter your cozy home?

I was thinking about making an inner wall at the inside of the door filled with small metal balls, so when thiefs try to saw open your door this shit would shoot thousands of small metal balls around, which might scare them off.

However, i'm not quite sure if this is effective. So i've been thinking, maybe there is a way to have something at the inside of the door like something tougher than a chainsaw that when cut into would jam the saw or even break the chain. Maybe metal strings of titanium? What would be strong enough?

Also what is a good way to make a very big electro magnet that you can trigger using a panic button that would fry your computer and harddrives in an instant in case these burglers are out for your own personal financial digital files?

Thanks for brainstorming with me /diy/ it's for a school subject btw.