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It seems like each board has their own autistic (in the loving sense) mascot youtuber, like Reviewbro, or Ulillillia. Can /diy/ adopt this guy? He seems genuinely nice and has some pretty legit projects.
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I got this GET and I'm not sure what to do with it?

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Hi, greetings from a land of infinity, Wade Davis here. I just got these amazing digits, any suggestions to what I should do with them?
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How to infect your whole city with depression

Step 1:Buy the blood of a depressed person from the black market
Step 2:Capture many mosquitoes and put them in the jar
Step 3:Wait until they drink the blood
Step 4:Release them and watch how everyone in your city is infected with depression and everyone commits suicide
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Ghetto /diy/

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What's the ghetto-est thing you've ever /diy/'d?
Short-term solution, prototype, or "fuck it I need this"? Could you have done better? Why didn't you?
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Homebrewing General.

Anyone have recipes or experience with this? I just did my third batch last night using my mr beer Christmas gift. Northwest Pale Ale. I added a cup of brown sugar, a cup of oats and two lemons with rind to the boil and wort. Left it all in for primary fermentation.

The bottles in the pic is the bewitched Amber ale with added maple syrup to boost abv.

Any mr beer hacks welcome too.
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I recently got my granny's broken TV.
Supposedly the power board is broken and she got a new one.
I still insisted Id like to tear it apart.
I salvaged a pair of good speakers,the screen itself and 4 different units (supposedly for the graphics output,the signal decoders and whatnot)
Is there anything cool I could do with all this salvaged stuff?Im too sad to throw it all away and im in the mood with tinkering.
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plush design software

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I has still faith on 4chan.

Sometime ago I ask about this program on /po/ without luck.
Is a program that makes sewing patterns from 3D models, (something similar to pepakura for plush instead papermodels)
Developer company sell 2.0 only for people who really make plush toys, and sell licenses for high price (more than $1.500 per year)

I want only make some plush with no profit from them, so pay license isn't the way. ver.1.0 will be fine for me. Neither 1.0 or 2.0 are available for download, even a trial is imposibble to get.

Anyone on /diy/ can help me to get one of them, no matter about version or trial.

PD: I see other software but don't really like them (plushie and pillow).
PD2: Any link refering to patternimage in developer webpage or servers (per example from brothersoft) is redirected to EasyToy, another software from same company to make 3D figures but nothing related to patterns

I hope anyone on /diy/ has a local copy of this program.
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I have a laptop and a PC I want to control with one mouse and keyboard, or at the very least one keyboard. Is there a way? I would really like to just drag my mouse over to the left, my laptop, select the search bar in firefox, type in music, and return to a game on the right monitor hooked to my PC.
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Been thinking about making this guitar amp.
I have a question though. What is that 8 ohm 1w "power soak resistor" doing?
I can't find any 8ohm value resistors.

Also, how would I have to alter the output for use with headphones.
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I got a Sunbeam electric blanket a couple winters ago. It worked too well at first, burnt my leg a little. But this winter it didn't seem to do much of anything. When it was new it drew current in pulses, maximum about 1.2A cold and went down to about 0.85 amps when it got hot. That's at 120V. The duty cycle shortened as it got hot so I guess it monitored the resistance of the blanket to adjust the duty cycle. Now it scarcely draws 0.2A.

The heating element measures over 890 ohms with my meter now. From searching the internet, it seems they used something like a coaxial cable with a mixture of some kind of plastic and carbon as the resistive element in place of the dielectric. I think it's a long flexible thermistor with a large positive temperature coefficient.

I think the control unit is fine but the high resistance makes it think the blanket is hot when it's not. Anyone know why the heater's resistance would go up? I mean other then to sell more electric blankets. And is there any way to fix it without risking incinerating myself? I miss my blue blanky.