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Consentacles: Tentacles are People Too

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Post some tentacle loving.
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skin markings

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tattoos, scars, body paint
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Air/Water Inflation Thread

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No furries please
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Girls peeing like boys

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Tried looking for the old thread, but it got deleted before I could save it. So, making a new one in the hopes of putting together a folder.

Do contribute, and no dickgirls please.
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Making a game like CoC, TiTS, etc.?

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Sorry if this is the wrong place for this kind of topic. I figured people on /vg wouldn't be very helpful when it comes to /d related discussions.

I've been interested in creating a game like CoC for some time now. I don't have any skill when it comes to drawing but I've always been a decent writer. Problem is, I have little to no programming knowledge. I've considered using easy-to-learn engines like Ren'Py but it wouldn't really give me enough freedom for the kind of game I have in mind.

Finding a programmer to help out is also next to impossible. No one wants to do that much work for free, especially if they have no interest in the material involved. Even if you do, it's not likely that they'll stick around long or be very reliable.

So I guess I'll just have to start learning to build my own game from scratch. I'm hoping for some tips on where to get started. There seems to be many different forms of code to learn. Python for example. I'd like something flexible enough to be expanded upon in the future (adding pictures/sprites if the project is successful for instance). I just don't want to waste my time learning things that won't actually help me make this game. I've found sites like codecademy but it could be a complete waste of time for all I know.

I enjoy games like CoC and TiTS, so I'm looking for the kind of knowledge that would allow me to build a similar framework for my game. Just with... different tastes in terms of the actual content.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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Anal dildo/insertion thread

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Female and futa are fine, no gay, and nothing too ridiculous (like those ones where the chick has like 50 baseballs stuffed inside her)
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X-ray... penis ?

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As we all know, x-ray view isn't something knew when it comes to hentai, it's now even kind of mainstream.

But for me it's even more excetting when you can see the sperm raising from the shaft into the female mouth/pussy.

Si i'm gonna dump my folder about this fetish, because this is kind of rare i haven't much of it so share some too !

(Also i won't post any images from the artist RAITA, because she/he's kind of the master for this stuff and her/he's work is not hard to find)

(Sauce is in the file name, if not i don't know the sauce)
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Anal insertions thread

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last one died, so lets get a new one going. try to keep it mostly futa and woman
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Conjoined twins

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Last one archived. Extra points for yuri and twins who are fighting.
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