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Willing Vore

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Thread for willing vore specifically
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Equal treatment

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Male and female in the same situation, can be futa/trap as well. Bondage, sex and other situations.
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cow girls

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Old thread went bye bye.... that's very sad... post your favorite bovine beauties.
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Giantess vore Thread, imagine a life without MS paint and autists edition
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Time stop thread. Manga, anime, games, pictures, anything.
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Sweaty feets II

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Sexual /d/epravity

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Alright /d/, I want to hear your ultimate depraved sexual fantasies and scenarios. Get as sick and twisted as you want.

I want to hear fantasies that if said anywhere else would probably land you on a few government watch lists.

Pour your perverted hearts out to me, /d/.
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Lamia General

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Let's make this General a regular thing.
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TG thread!
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Shygirl Thread 5: Super Shygirl 69

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More Mario game name puns. More masks. More shyness. More sluttiness. More world domination by assimilation.
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