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/d/ Game Thread

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Question to start things off, are there any other male slaves available in slave maker except those in the wiki? (bare-bones 10% finished ones from futanaripalace aside)
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Piss Drinking Thread

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You faggots never start new thread by yourselves.
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Tammy and Queldor - Chapter 2

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Please join us, creating chapter two of "Tammy and Queldor" Story.
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Perverted Machinery

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!!sRrkjH8HkBN (316 replies)

/bdsmg/-BDSM&D/s General No.263

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/bdsmg/-BDSM&D/s General No.263

BDSM discussion, stories, questions, random fantasies, just keep it polite and civil.

Fetlife Group ->

irc channel: , #bdsmg

Old Thread: >>6168939

Starter Question: What are some of your favorite kink friendly series? Books, Movies, TV Shows, etc that have a kinky side to them.
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goblin theard?

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goblin theard!
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Urethral penetration, sounding, cock stuffing, all of it. Just got my two silicone sounds. Feels good enough to share folder /d/ always needs a thread of this anyways. Need to increase my tentacle sounding/ x-ray sounding.
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Futa with condoms or devices

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Futa with condoms or milking devices like pic related
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Inanaminte Transformation General

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Yet again

Inanimate Only (Living is somewhere here :V)
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Mecha Girls and Fembots

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Developed a mega taste for robotic girls lately. So lets all share ;)
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