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Girls in bodysuit traped/fucked by tentacles

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As simple as it sounds, anything related, feel free to drop it.
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Big Butt thread #whatever

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Last one died so yeah.
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Pregnant thread?

I've found I'm particularly turned on by pregnant villainesses for some reason. I think because it sort of makes them seem more human. Plus, given that we all know evil is sexy I'd imagine being pregnant would make a psycho chick like Phantom Lady here even more horny.
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Petrification/Freeze/Immobilization Thread: Writefag Edition

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Stone, metal, time stopping, ice, wax, vitrified; we've got it all right here, folks! Step in and enjoy the show! Those who have commissions they haven't shown, now's the time to do so (seriously, put out what you got folks).

And if we have any writefags out there, verbal contribution is also welcome! Hell, if someone doesn't have a story for a picture, then make one and contribute that to the thread!
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Dbz/Db rule34 thread
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Bio/Living-Suits, Parasites, etc

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So, let's get one of these threads going. I'll get us going with a couple dozen or so pictures
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Age Regression, turning into a kid/baby

Keep the CP out please.
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Breast Expansion Thread

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The old onbe lived a long and happy live but it has come to an end!
Let's revive it! Post animated gif.'s, images, comics of Breast Expansion!
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Slave Thread VI: The Undiscovered Slave

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The old thread at (>>6154100) is autosaging from everything, so may the new thread live!

Anyway, a few questions for people posting their fantasies here, and get things really going, aside from the usual OC circle-jerk and endless Drama.

>What is the world like?
Is it our world with legal slavery suddenly introduced somehow? Is it a fantasy world? Is it sometime in the future?

>Who are the slaves?
Is slavery limited to one gender or one race/species? If so, are all people of that type automatically slaves? Is it possible for a free person become enslaved, or for a slave be freed?

>Who are the masters/mistresses?
Are slaves common/cheap enough for the average free person to own one? Do the rich and powerful keep large harems as a status symbol?

>What role do you like to imagine yourself in?
Would you be a slave or an owner? Would you own/be part of a harem? How would you treat your slave(s)/be treated by your owner?

And for those with less world-buildy fantasies:
>If you got the slave of your dreams today what would you do with them?
>If you were given to your ideal owner, what would you want them to do with you?
Both of these are pretty self-explanatory.
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Pic below yours happens to you

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Old one died
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