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Elastic Funhouse 2.0

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'lastic girls, 'lastic stories, 'lastic fuckin.

New thread, old autosaged. Feel free to post ideas for stories and pictures of elastic women. Try to add pics for as many posts as you can.

Stories masterpost from last thread. Reply with what should be added.

Unknown Author

The Magical Orb

Elastic Panic
The first saga:
The second:

KevlarMelon's Stories

Stretching Your Luck:

PollyWog Trilogy
Sometimes I Dream My Lover is Elastic:
Sometimes My Elastic Lover Dreams of Me:
By Super Fast Post:

Sean and Elizabeth

"SFW" stories.

Eyes of the Beholder


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!Ebystreets (122 replies)

Chastity thread

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Stay locked, guys & gals.

>inb4 implying that there are women over here
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/d/ humor thread

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Noticed a distinct lack of funny. Let there be lols.
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Same size Vore Thread

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Last thread has hit bump limit. Time to renew.

Any same size vore here please, no furry.
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Sissy and feminization Comics

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Hello guys, the last thread about sissy and feminization reached the limit so lets start a new one. I'll share what i have and hope some1 share the new Kats always a briide, its the pic about
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Translation - 寝て起きたら妹の搾 精奴隷に堕とされた。

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寝て起きたら妹の搾 精奴隷に堕とされた。
Awaking to a dream: My downfall to my little sister

I'm slowly translating this work by Drain and I've done a few pages so far, so I'm going to upload. If there's interest, I'll keep working on it.
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Tickle Thread

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Top Tier Trap Thread

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Dumping all my best images collection, only post the best
>no futa only post the best you got, and no censors unless it's real hot
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K-Kisekae 2

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/d/-tan or /d/-team thread

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Cont from >>6144816

Let's continue talking about /d/ tan and the /d/ team, either expanding the universe around them, changing up the team members, or anything else that would pertain to the topic of our beloved board avatar.
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