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Dicks getting sucked/fucked by tentacles

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Dicks getting all kind of treatment by tentacles (any type), male or futa - everything is welcome, tentaclejobs as in a dick getting sucked by a tentacle preferred. Can't find enough of this type of stuff, anyone knows the name it goes by?
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Dragon girls

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Post some dragon girl pics, c'mon
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BBW/SSBBW/Fat Thread

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Previous thread:
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Why is the horse modifier on en.inkei just a really big human penis? Will this shit ever be fixed?
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anyone got this doujin scanned?
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el/d/er scroll

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Body swap

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Some good old nsfw body swap
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Sensual Futa

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Think it's possible to get some romantic futanari? Warning, there may be some hand holding in this thread. Shift click if it is too much for you.
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Shape Change 2

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The other one got archived. Once again, post many girls and guys being squished and flattened into different shapes.

I for one will start out with some Yu-Gi-Oh disks.
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Trapped in Someone's Clothing

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Is there a term for this sort of thing? Too many other fetishes like living clothing to make it very easy to search for.
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