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Shortstack General

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Holy shit, a shortstack thread actually made it to bump limit! This calls for celebration.
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F/m Rape

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So we don't have to have the "reverse rape" terminology discussion again.
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So I was wondering

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What are some games like CoC and TiTS where you can play as a trap.I tried some on that tf games site but most of them seem to force you to go full female at some point.
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Anyone got this fetish? I love it. Girl turning their brain to mush due to cocaine, heroine or other stuff make my cock really hard. Futas are ok too!
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Would you rather...

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A. Be experimented on and become a perpetually pregnant fertility goddess. If you are male, you will become 100% genetically female as a result of the experiments. You will suffer few if any negative symptoms of pregnancy, with birth being annoying at worst and mind-shatteringly orgasmic at best. You start out your pregnancy relatively normal, but once you push a kid out another fetus will begin to develop and often another one as well; lactation rates will increase accordingly. Gestation lasts only four months, so growth is accelerated accordingly. You cannot properly move yourself, but various injections and medications will prevent any atrophying. You'll have a well-paying job as a writer/artist/whatever working from home as well as a good sum of money for each newborn given to the institution that preformed the experiments. Somebody from the institution will keep track of your health and appearance, making sure you're milked, shaved, comfortable, and well-groomed.

B: Be the god of bees, hornets, and yellow jackets. Hold the entire world's food supply ransom by controlling pollination. Defeat your enemies with massive waves of stinging agony. You will not have to worry about being stung, and you can even have them group together to give you a floating chair of buzzing terror to lord over your new subjects. You will not physically change appearance unless you do the work that you would have to do that now, but you get an awesome supervillian costume. You may get a harem of sexy women/men/futa (your choice) in bee-themed costumes.
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Oviposition gifs/webms

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Hey, /d/, I've been having an incredibly hard time satisfying my oviposition fetish since I got tired of the same old pictures. I crave animated ovi, and my web-fu is weak, will you help me /d/, and shower us in eggy goodness?
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Creepy Waifus

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It's been a little while.
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lesbian butthole licking thread

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lesbian anus licking. traps are ok too.
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I am intrigued by the idea of a sort of monstergirl virus - basically, a contagious condition that transforms one into a horny and extremely attractive monstergirl/boy (like a succubus/incubus) and spreads through sex. Think zombie apocalypse but more glamorous.

Is anyone else into this? Does anyone know any good stories or comics that feature that kind of thing, with detailed transformations and all?
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