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Gots to Get My Futa Giantess On!

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They can be giantesses fucking buildings, they can be amazons draping their soft cocks over someone's shoulder, they can be normal size with a shrunken girl being rubbed against their throbbing, futa bits ... all I'm hoping for is some major size difference with a futa taking advantage of her impressive size.
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"Cock worship"

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Big cocks, nicely drawn cocks, girls drooling over cocks.

"cock worship", to summarize
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/D/ense Girls thread

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I don't think we ever came to a consensus on the official title for this but it's a thread for smaller sized girls who pack a ton of power and weigh a lot more than they look.
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Anyone up for a Samus Aran sexy zero suit thread?
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Transformed into a robot

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I haven't seen a thread of people being transformed specifically into robots in a while. So I'm posting some.
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POV Futa

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POV, with futas, dominating the viewer.

I found this after searching for the "moogan" who made some WoW ones, which are longer 2-3min movies and great too.

I'll link in a reply because god forbid the "system thinks you're spam" when I tried to post this before.
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Male Weight Gain Thread

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For those who like big guys who are getting bigger.

Previous thread: >>6072110
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trap/futa = +10 internets (surprisingly rare in this category)
spider/web = +7 internets
xray = +5 internets
insertion = +3 internets
bulge = +3 internets
any egg pic = 1 internet
any pic i dont like = - all your internets

But seriously post what you like as long as it has eggs!
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Let's have a thread, because this is a really hot as fuck fetish.
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