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Meguca family photos

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Making single character image threads is nice and all, but how about group pictures were they have fun and such. Please keep the minimum amount of megucas per image to 3.
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Sora thread

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Sora <3
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Super Sonico Thread

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Post some Sonico
Fuuri, Suzu, and Pochaco welcome too.
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>I love you. And no matter what the future holds, I'm going to cherish every moment.

Happy birthday, Lucina!

Continued from: >>2407231
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Touhou thread anything goes i'll start

bonus points if flandre
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Masuta spaaaaku

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Marisa thread!
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Lain Thread Layer 04: Transport

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No brakes on the Lain train!

Wonder if anyone will get the title of this one.

Old Thread.
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I haven't seen a nurse thread before. Nurse thread.
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Shinobu thread? Shinobu thread.
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