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I'm curious as to why it feels as if all jobs are currently saturated.

I'm a software engineer (and it annoys the fuck out of me that everyone and their mothers wants to get into this profession), and I feel like my field is about to lose a lot of the benefits because they know that they can get people for cheap.

But I feel like this is every field currently.

For example:

>Wait until Rajish and Suk On Dik replace you, plus everybody's doing it nowadays
Did Liberal Arts?
>Lol good luck finding the one job that exists
Become a lawyer
>Oversaturated dumbasses
Become a professor/researcher
>lol slave for 10 years and you MIGHT get a permanent gig at the end of it
Do business
>Literally everybody has this degree

Is it just me? Am I wrong? I'd believe it's just 4chan, but I've heard this same thing everywhere. In addition, I'm actually witnessing software dev going down the drain.