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Has anyone been in my position before? If so how did you deal with regret? I'm 25 years old and just finished my first semester of university (Australian), I'm slowly getting my shit together and am moving forward with my life.

But all the people who I know have already graduated university and they well-paying jobs, some have gotten married, some have started businesses, and I've been a loser NEET for the past 7 years, all I used to do was watch movies, browse the internet, play games etc. Life sucked. But I'm back at it, I'm improving every aspect of my life from my financial situation, health, spiritual life, my shitty habits.. everything that I can. I'm happy with my progress so far. But everyday I am agonized by the pain of regret.. that if only I started sooner I could have been way further than my peers.. and I just can't seem to get rid of these negative thoughts from poisoning my mind and affecting my productivity.