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Ok so I own a website - fucking amazing right?

Some info:

It is going ok. We get about 600-800 people per day. I have made almost $100 this month (my first month of operation) and my costs are only about $35. My main source of revenue comes from Ads.

It is essentially a faucet (you know the things for Bitcoin?) except it is for CSGO. It started as a passion project meant to just be giving away shit in my inventory I didn't care for. But now it is starting to make semi-decent money. I want to take it to the next level and make it an awesome source of money.

Anyway what is the cheapest and best way of going about promoting it? I don't want to just spam it out.

I have developed a referral system for myself but am yet to implement it, should I see if this effective before trying paid advertising?

Any other Website managing tips?

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Warning: Peter Ritzmann, Jakarta, is a professional Con Man!

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Peter Ritzmann, Swiss national, appearing with the company Filder Portal, resident in Jakarta is a professional Con Man. He pretends to be a seasoned business man, but then cheats people with faked contracts etc. Highest precaution is recommended. If you are a victim of or involved with Peter Ritzmann from Jakarta, it is highly recommended to contact both Indonesian and Swiss Police.

Peter Ritzmann uses his company PT Filder Portal as a vehicle:

Menara Palma 12th floor
Jl. HR. Rasuna Said Blok X-2 Kav. 6
Jakarta 12950
Phone: +62 21 2939 1245
Fax: +62 21 2939 1222
H/P: +62 812 12 852 453
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Hey /biz/, I really need someone to invest $200 in my project.
I'm broke, and I'm a full time student and can't work.

I can promise you 150% profit (which is $300 plus your original investment of $200).
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/biz books

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Book threads should be a regular on this board. I just got through reading the richest man in Babylon (i recommend it to anyone looking to grow wealth). Can anyone recommend me some more money management books. Maybe some business books as well
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Ey' biz. I've never been here much but I've got some questions for you all.

Due to some shit luck and an asshole roomate, I've become the intern/partner for this dude and his family. At some point he had a few million but he lost it all and is now working to get it back via some strange scheme. Not sure what it is but maybe you guys can tell me and even help us out.

From what I've gathered, it involves finding stupid people with a few million to put that money in a fund and then hard real estate. Here is a craiglist ad he asked me to spruce up:
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Let's see what types of people browse /biz/

Fill this out

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Okay, so I have been reading about investing. I now know what in index fund is but have a few questions about it.

How do you actually make money off it?

How much should you put in to make it worth your time?
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Owning video games

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Ok. I'm a newfag in investing. I am considering purchasing shares in a particular video company because I'm sick and tired of all the stupid fucking bullshit it's doing and I want to make some changes in that company. Any informative help you can give me would be very much appreciated.

What's the cons and pros to owning stock/shares in a company? What exactly does being a shareholder entail? Does being a shareholder give you some kind of power in making decisions in the company?

Please help. Thank you.

As to the name of the company? Pic related.
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