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Bell Mother Fucking Gary Sue

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Look at this motherfucker

He's worse than any MC in years. You all bitched about Kirito the Beater, yet Bell Cranel is more of a Gary Sue than Kirito could ever wish for.

First lets look at the special ability Bell just happens to develop. It's basically akin to Level Up Stats+++ and EXP 1000%. He is increasing his stats at a ridiculous rate as long as his heart is into it, which fortunately for a shounen hero is not in short supply.

He later gets a skill whose basic function "If you are in a bad situation, this skill will instakill anything". It's even a fucking laser beam. Are you fucking kidding me!?

He is also given a (presumably equivalent) lvl 99 weapon by his patron goddess, a legendary Dagger forged by the god of Smith herself, priceless and one of a kind. Paying for such a weapon would be impossible for Bell. The dagger is even more ridiculous because it becomes augmented with power the higher Bell's stats get, which with his special ability results in ridiculous power. He also happens upon what appears to be a great set of armor in a cheap junk pile at the Hephaestus store.

Then he just happens to be given an ancient very expensive grimoire that teaches him a quick to use magic spell.

Bell has also amassed more waifus than Kiritio ever could. Everyone wants his dick.