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Waifu Wednesday

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You're waifu a wonderful and adorable!

May the two of you be happy together forever!

What would you're waifu most likely do during a heatwave?
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Free! Starting Days

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>Director: Yasuhiro Takemoto

Where is Utsumi, is she okay? Why is she not directing this?
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Hey kid, I got Homus down here. Wanna make a contract?
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So, how do you feel about incest, /a/?
Would you tenderly love an Imouto?
Would you be lovingly, but somewhat forcefully dominated by an Onee-chan?
Would you take care of your lonely okaasan on those long nights where your father is "out working?"
Would you Dick the Daughteru?
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What was your first anime, /a/?
Was it the best one you seen so far?
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I know Myuugi is the strongest within anime meta, but shouldn't Hajun be second?
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Do you like fatties, /a/?
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Yahari Oregairu

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Yui is best girl.
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Karen is cute! Cute!
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